25/25/25 Promo

25/25/25 Promo

Today, 2020, is the dawn of the new 21st Century Pandemic Era. Prolonged lockdowns, ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ times are here. Workers Commute and Encompassing Social Distancing will be the major challenges. Work from home (WFM), work from beach, or work from anywhere will become new Norms. Think Positive. Prime up!


This sudden 2-month pandemic pause has given our team so much time to reflect on our 25- year focused journey of building software that make Filipino businesses run better - how we started in 1994, our challenges and struggles, our ups and downs, our failures and victories, our loses and awards, so on and so forth. Even if we have not become big until now, we survived! Thank you God for all the years, for teaching us the value of Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Product, and Service, that being Small and Fast can be Beautiful too, for giving us enough business to afford our team a decent lifestyle. We are so blessed and grateful.

We have also come to realize that 95% of our valued Customers are the SME's and they come from everywhere - Isabela, Tarlac, Bulacan, Metro Manila, Laguna, Palawan, Metro Cebu, Ormoc, Tacloban, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Iloilo, Kalibo, Bohol, Surigao, Butuan, Iligan, Bukidnon, Cagayan De Oro, Ozamiz, Davao, and Zamboanga. We can now proudly say that our PRIME SOFTWARE ERP truly run's the business information bloodline of over 1,000 SME's from Isabela to Zamboanga, here in the Philippines. To all those who believed and patronized us, our Sincerest Thank you!

Let me share with you an SME customer experience I had yesterday. I was having my car serviced at a nearby Shell Service Station, who also happens to be one of our old customers. While waiting in the lounge area, out of curiosity I asked the lady service clerk “Are you still using Prime Software?” She answered back “Of course, how can we do our work without Prime Software”, it was heartwarming as I blurted “Oh thank you!”  This Prime ERP customer started in 2013, has around 8 Shell stations, all connected to our Prime hosted/administered Cloud Server ever since. I got inspired.


If you are still manually recording, using excel or some back office accounting software, now is the ideal time to transition to a CLOUD BASED SIMPLIFIED ERP SYSTEM and come out Stronger and Flexible in meeting head on whatever pandemic caused challenges your business is facing now. However way you decide to meet these challenges when you reopen – skeleton force, downsize, retrench, cut cost and whatever, the "Cost-Effective Work from Home (WFH) or Anywhere ERP feature” that you will own will be an indispensible business tool for survival. Our Filipino-made PRIME SOFTWARE SIMPLIFIED ERP has been proven and tested by mission-critical businesses on AWS/MSAzure Cloud for over 12 years now and its ERP features will also transform your operations to a “lean and mean” cost efficient one.


Work from home (WFM) or from anywhere is more cost-effective and reliable on Cloud. Also, to save you from the additional Capex/Opex Costs of purchasing the required on-premise PC Server hardware (that’s P100k at least), the Maintenance thereof, and the monthly salaries of a full time IT administrator and Accounting/Inventory Subsidiary Clerks. Plus, NO need to shell out more money to buy new workstations or laptops because the Prime ERP Application will run on any existing PC/laptops (P4’s with windows OS). Your hosted cloud server will now be maintenance-cost free, accessible 7/24, and you will only need the already widely available cheap low-bandwidth internet (TELCO's Fiber, corporate class LAN-WIFI, or LTE) to connect from anywhere. You will just have to decide on “which work and who” should be working from office, home, or anywhere. Your sales people can input their sales directly from the field or home, and your key office accounting/purchasing staff can encode transactions from their homes, Managers/Supervisors can approved transactions and see everything from anywhere, etc. etc. The ERP can be securely configured to meet your desired new work protocols. The savings alone is more than enough to pay for the Cloud ERP.


Nothing can be shorter than 123 or ABC and the easiest to use are the simplified streamlined ones. Keep in mind that the most efficient systems are the short routine ones and an ERP converts your daily business processes into simple routines.  It also stores all your dynamic and growing business transactions into one single pool of data, an Integrated Database System. It will be easy to extract and view any important real time or historical information anytime, make queries, do spot audit, make/generate regular reports, mine historical data, make statistical reports, or run business intelligence (BI) routines on your data. ERP is the main basic requirement to digitally transform your business properly and becoming digitally empowered. ERP's  also have many other advance powerful features but you will need the basics to be in placed first before you can jump into those advance features later.    


In the world of doing business digitally, there are accepted common practices that are done by almost all global businesses and new comers usually just follow these de-facto ways - the best practice. Example in Sales, it is a common best practice to start with a Sales Order taking first prior to the Delivery/Sales Invoicing Process. Another example in Accounting, it is a common best practice that all transactions are system-recorded on their proper Journal book first, dated/serialized, reviewed then posted later to the General Ledger by the Head Accountant. Plus many more best practices that embrace the General Principles of Accounting, Finance, Inventory, and Sales Management in a digital setting. In our software design and implementations methodology, we follow best practices to ensure wider industry acceptability, prolonged market use, and manageable software customization work. Prime Software underwent 3 major technology platform changes (from DOS to Windows to Cloud) in the last 25 years and we made sure that ERP best practices features are always carried over into the next software versions. We are also pragmatic enough do minor (free of charge) or major (with extra charge) software customizations, whenever needed to meet specific business processes unique to the Customer’s needs. Needs are prioritized from Wants. Be aware that major software customization work, if any, usually delays the targeted GO LIVE date. Workarounds are usually available.  There is one important principle that we must all accept to manage our joint expectations – “There is no such thing as perfect software but only workable ones at its best and the wheel can only be reinvented up to a certain point only.”


For the SME’s long term benefit, we will be giving the best of both world offering:


The special term will be:

P25K to start the project

The balance payable in 25 STRAIGHT MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS (2 years)

Fast tracked targeted GO LIVE DAY is WORKING DAY 25, when feasible

A detailed 3-month Project Activity timetable will be followed via ONLINE Meetings/ Chats/Emails/Cell phones/Telephone/Etc., Users training guide/documents will be provided for with Continuous Technical Support until you can be left on your own to cycle through all the daily software routines of the new ERP System. Once the installments are fully paid at the end of year 2, the Software license will be officially transferred to you. By then, if you wish, you have the option to move your licensed software/database to your on-premise server with no more cloud hosting/admin fees to pay or just continue with our Prime Cloud hosting/Admin Service paying for our minimal monthly hosting/Admin fees portions only. Currently, our Customer’s Average Software Life Usage is anywhere between 10-15 years at least. If you had purchased the software on a SAAS rental basis, you will be paying software rental with no end in sight - a long term money drain, and you DON'T get to own the software license at all.

On year 3 or thereafter, for assured continuous technical support whenever needed, an SLA-based annual software technical support maintenance contract is available at a very minimal annual fee.

Steps to avail of our 25/25/25 Promo for SME’s Offering

1. Email us at inquiry@primesoft.ph. Tell us your Industry type/Company Name/Address/Contact number, Contact person and position.        

2. We will email you back for a simple questionnaire to fill up, and then we will call you to discuss the details.

3. If there is mutual progress, we will schedule and conduct an ONLINE Demo of the matching ERP Solution and identify changes, if any.

4. If acceptable, we will email you a comprehensive formal proposal for your review and conformed signature. Then we start.

All other terms and conditions will be discussed further.

We are limiting the promo offer to the 1st 25 SME Customers only due to our current limited human resource. “Many are invited, but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:1-14. Thank you for listening to our Offering.

We pray that God will guide our leaders and protect us all as we attempt to reopen our beloved country, that covid-19 recoveries will be more and deaths/new cases will be lesser with a permanent downward trend, and that all will be good and well as we face the pandemic uncertainties ahead. Let us heal as one!  


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